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Parents: How to stay informed

What is the JLRS program?

Our program is based on strengthening healthy relationships among young people, through workshops given during health and / or career lessons in grades 9 and 10, and focusing on themes such as self-esteem, relationships with others, stereotypes, etc.

From January 2020
Grade 10 classes will receive 10 workshops given by JLRS leaders.

From October 2020
Grade 9 classes will receive 8 workshops led by Young Leaders.

Learn more about the JLRS programLearn more about the evaluation of the program
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Why involve parents in the JLRS program?

Family is the main base where young people develop their attitudes and values, with school playing a secondary role.

To maintain and strengthen the partnership between home and school, our program offers to involve parents and / or guardians who wish to do so in promoting healthy relationships and preventing violence, so that they can:

  • Strengthen their ability to be positive role models
  • Reinforce their knowledge of the concepts and tools that their children acquire at school

How to stay informed?

To stay informed about the content delivered to your children as part of the JLRS program, you have the possibility:

  • To participate in an information evening (depending on demand), to ask your questions and share your possible concerns
  • Receive a weekly newsletter, as well as a bank of resource sheets offering avenues for discussion around the themes addressed during the workshops
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Follow up worksheets - 9th grade

Workshop 1
Program introduction
Click here
Workshop 2
My healthy relationships
Coming soon
Workshop 3
Sexual orientation and gender identity
Coming soon
Workshop 4
Friendships, boundaries and peer pressure
Coming soon

Follow up worksheets - 10th grade

Workshop 1
Introduction: My Tools
Click here
Workshop 2
Healthy Relationships, my child and me
Click here
Workshop 3
Assertive communication and personal limits
Click here
Workshop 4
Gestion des émotions et de la colère
Click here
Workshop 5
Réseaux sociaux et stéréotypes
Click here
Workshop 6
Santé sexuelle et consentement
Click here
Workshop 7
Comprendre la violence
Click here
Workshop 8
Cassons le cercle
Click here
Workshop 9
Alliés contre la violence
Click here
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